Highlights Waacking Battles- Participant

*1st Place- Ladies of Hiphop 2013- NYC

*2nd Place- House Dance International 2013- NYC

*1st Place- Get Down in Boogietown 2014- NL

*Top 8- Street Star 2014- SWE

*1st Place- HOV Over the Rainbow Ball 2015- NL

*1st Place- Exhibition Battle- HOV x IBE 2016- NL

*1st Place- Cosmopolitan Ball 2017- UK

*1st Place- 3 vs 3- Les Pays Waack > Pay the Cost to be the Boss 2018- FR

*Top 8- Pay the Cost to be the Boss 2018- FR

*1st Place- Moment Urb(an)- The Waack Off 2018- DU

*Top 7- 7toWaack- The Waack Off 2018- DU

*2nd Place- Waack is He(Art) 2018- IT

*Top 8- The Waackdown 2019- NL

*2nd Place- Pop Category- The Waackdown 2019- NL

*Battle Guest- Top 16- Eleganza 2019- IT

*Top 4- Nation vs Nation- Eleganza 2019- IT

*Top4- Step Your Game Up 2019- NYC

*2nd Place- Waack to the Future 2019- NYC

*1st Place- Ladies of Hiphop 2019- NYC


Highlights Waacking Battles- Judge

*House of Vineyard- Balls & Events 2015/ 2018- NL

*International Breaking Event-Funk Buddies 2016/ 2018- NL

*Red Bull BC One- Funk Buddies 2018- NL

*The Waack Down 2018- BE

*Smack ’n’ Whack 2019- RU

*Strike with Force 2019- LA

*Batallas Conoces el Whack? 2020- CHILE

*Funkeyle 2020- IT

*Ladies of Hiphop 2020- ONLINE


Highlights Waacking- Theater Performance

*Q5- The Quintessentials’ by Sarada Sarita-2021

*'Grimm' & 'Narnia' by Dutch National Ballet &

Ish Dance Collective 2015-2018

*'Duality in Unisono' by 2U- Sarada Sarita & OTION 2018

*'Atma' & 'In Between worlds' by Samadhi Dance

Company 2016-2017- NL/RU

*'Creatures' by Het Ballet Orkest & Ish Dance Collective 2016 

*'Jungle Book' by Jungle by Night & Ish Dance Collective 2016 

*’Skooldayz’ MBO Dance Academy Lucia Marthas 2012

*Femme Lethal- Theater/Event/TV